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  • Work Placement to Full-Time Team Member

Posted: 27 June 2022

Beginning a work placement with HMS through the Torus Foundation, Scott joined HMS Planned Maintenance team working on Kitchen replacements for six weeks and shadowed one of the Floor Installation Team, learning the ‘tricks of the trade’ and getting stuck into everything that was asked of him.

As a single Dad of 4, it was difficult for Scott to secure full-time employment and at first, he’d work with the team one day a week, gradually increasing his time in the business to full time hours and 5 days a week.

Completing his work placement, Scott was identified by one of the HMS Team Managers for his fantastic work ethic, commitment to the role and passion for learning and put forward for a full-time role at HMS.

Currently working as a General Construction Operative (GCO), Scott is now being introduced to a number of trades, including joinery, floor laying and carpentry, with plans to progress into a specific craft trade in the future – ideally as a tiler or kitchen fitter.

To support his role and ambitions, Torus Foundation is also helping Scott with his driving lessons to ensure that when the time comes, he can drive his own van to jobs and work independently. Alongside this, Torus Foundation are assisting Scott to buy the necessary workwear and tools needed to work safely and effectively, as well as ensuring appropriate childcare is in place for his family.

Discussing his time at HMS, Scott said:

“With my commitments at home, I never thought I’d be able to work full time – let alone train in a specialist trade – but I’m so grateful that Mike put me forward for a full-time role and am really enjoying learning on the job.

“Since being forced to give up work as a Painter and Decorator due to an on-the-job injury, I never thought I’d be able to get back into a trade again. Right now, I’m loving trying different things and for the first time in a long while, am excited about what my future career looks like.

“My time with HMS has not only improved my confidence but opened the door to so many opportunities I’d never considered before. Who knew that I’d have a job and be learning to drive when I started my work placement?

“I’d recommend work placements to anyone as this opportunity gave me a taste of different career paths I could explore and now I’m on my way to being a qualified construction operative!”

Working on a number of projects during his short time at HMS, Scott’s positivity and adaptability got him recognised by his Manager, Mike Withington.

Discussing Scott’s willingness to develop, Mike said:

“I was really impressed with Scott’s commitment during his work placement and despite having a busy personal life, he still turned up on time, excited to get stuck in and learn.

“He is a credit to the team and everyone who works with him speaks very highly of his work and how proactive he is. I’m really happy that Scott has joined us full time and I’m looking forward to see what else he can accomplish in the next few weeks, months and hopefully, years!”


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