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Posted: 05 January 2022

Before starting his apprenticeship with HMS, Joshua was deciding on his career path while working at McDonald’s after finishing college.

“My application for university had been accepted and after hearing the news, I just wasn’t convinced it was the right move for me and looked into apprenticeships. I just didn’t want to sit in a classroom all week - I wanted a more hands on learning experience, which made me think about getting into a trade.”

After figuring out traditional education wasn’t for him, Joshua found out about HMS’ Apprenticeship Programme and attended an information session at Stanley Park in Liverpool. After finding out more about the programme, Joshua decided to submit an application for an Electrician Apprenticeship and after an interview, was successful and joined the team.

Working with HMS’ team of experienced Electrician’s, Joshua learnt a lot throughout his Apprenticeship, and was excited to qualify this year.

“I’m really proud of completing my apprenticeship and have definitely found the right career path for me. Being able to say I completed four years of training and pass all my college exams makes me really proud and being able to go out on my own, as an Electrician, is a big achievement.”

But completing his Apprenticeship is just the first step for Joshua and he is already looking at other qualifications that will help him further succeed in his industry.

“Being in new surroundings every day and continually learning new skills is something I loved about my apprenticeship so my focus now is to get as much experience as possible and learn more about different qualifications as I want to be a Manager one day.

“Apprenticeships are great and give you a real opportunity to learn from people who have been in the trade for years and it helped me learn so much than I thought possible.”


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