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  • Apprentice Electrician

Posted: 05 January 2022

After completing his GCSE’s, Jamie wanted to pursue a more ‘hands on’ career and applied for HMS’ Electrical Apprenticeship, committing to 4 years of learning in college and shadowing a fully qualified member of the HMS Electrical Team.

Completing his Apprenticeship this year, Jamie is now a fully qualified Electrician and now in full-time employment at HMS.

“I’m really proud of everything I have achieved and passing all my exams and now I am focusing on gaining more experience at HMS so I can move onto a management role in the coming years.

“I enjoy working with people of different ages at HMS and am pleased to say that I’ve made a number of friends at the company – not just colleagues. So, along with enjoying my job, learning a trade and working with my hands, I have found a company that I am happy in and one I want to build my career in.

“I chose an apprenticeship as it would set me up for life and so far, it was the best decision I have made, and I would fully recommend if someone was thinking about applying.”


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