Scare-Growing Our Communities

Scare-Growing Our Communities

Posted: 30 October 2020

HMS is taking part in the St Helens Scarecrow Festival to raise money for Willowbrook Hospice in St Helens.

Joining the 800 other scarecrows that have cropped up over St Helens, HMS’ scarecrow is standing proudly outside the HMS Sutton Fold office, marking the company’s support for the hospice.

An independent charity, Willowbrook Hospice has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, seeing a reduction in donations and financial support. However, thanks to the St Helens Scarecrow Festival, over £18,000 has been raised to date, so Willowbrook Hospice can continue delivering its vital services and supporting people with life limiting diseases and palliative care needs in the area.

Discussing the initiative, Managing Director, Paul Worthington, said: “As an organisation, giving back to our community is central to everything we do, so we just had to get involved in the St Helens Scarecrow Festival – which, in itself is a huge achievement and perfectly showcases the kindness and generosity of people across the Borough – even in times as tough as these.

“Making the scarecrow was good fun – although we will all be sticking to building, maintaining and repairing homes going forward – but the initiative is incredibly important in raising awareness and funds for the work Willowbrook Hospice does across our community. Coronavirus has hit our communities, and those most in the need, the hardest, so it is vital we all do our part to support organisations such as Willowbrook Hospice wherever and however we can.

“We will continue to support local projects like this to ensure our communities are supported through this unprecedented time, so we can grow and thrive together in the wake of COVID-19.”

Find out how to get involved in the St Helens Scarecrow Festival and to donate money to Willowbrook Hospice, by clicking here.


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