YMCA Partnership Announced

YMCA Partnership Announced

Posted: 20 October 2020

We're delighted to announce that we will begin working with YMCA in Liverpool & Sefton.

We will work collaboratively with YMCA Liverpool & Sefton to provide reactive, as well as planned maintenance services on all properties in the charity’s portfolio, including their Community Centre in Southport and a Community Farm in Liverpool.

As an organisation, we're committed to investing in communities - financially and emotionally - by creating opportunities for individuals to learn new skills, meet new people and grow. Through investing 100% of our commercial profits into local employment initiatives and meaningful social projects, our ethos firmly puts people and places at our heart.

Discussing this new partnership, Managing Director, Paul Worthington said: “Working with YMCA Liverpool & Sefton is a natural fit for us as the charity’s mission aligns fully with ours – empowering people to realise their full potential.

“We understand the importance of having a place to call home. Somewhere that is safe, warm and ultimately yours, which is why we’re delighted to begin working with YMCA to support people across our region and provide them with somewhere to live.

“As a commercial business with a social mission, this partnership is one which will be truly impactful for people across the Liverpool City Region and one which will enable YMCA Liverpool & Sefton to continue providing much needed beds to vulnerable people nightly.”

Contract Manager, Ian Kneale said; “during our mobilisation process we have been able to offer extra support, resource and experience of property maintenance to help the team at YMCA overcome some challenges they have faced regarding management of the asset portfolio. I’m confident over the coming months we will be able to further develop our relationship and exceed YMCA’s expectations regarding service and partnership.”

Deputy Chief Executive at YMCA Liverpool & Sefton, Jon Metcalfe said; “We’re delighted to be beginning this journey with HMS to fulfill our commitment to provide a high standard of accommodation alongside our quality, meaningful support. Working with HMS will enable us to keep our accommodation welcoming, safe and secure and places where people can receive the support that they need”


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