COVID-19 Service Update: November 2020

COVID-19 Service Update: November 2020

Posted: 02 November 2020

On Thursday 5th November, the UK will enter another national lockdown, which will see all non-essential businesses close until December. As a construction and maintenance organisation, HMS is permitted to continue operating throughout the next month and will continue to provide essential services to our customers across the North West.

Now, more than ever, it is vital that we keep people safe and secure in their homes to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and protect those in our communities who are older or more vulnerable. We will do this by continuing to operate at the heart of our communities’ and provide high quality repairs and maintenance services to those in need.

We will also continue working with local partners, subcontractors, and suppliers to keep our construction programme operational, supporting the local supply chain and increasing access to local employment and training opportunities.

Whether working in someone’s home or on site, our commitment to protecting the health and welfare of our team and communities has never been more robust and as we enter another period of uncertainty, HMS has never been better prepared.

Over the past seven months, our focus on health and safety has been paramount, and it will continue to be as we will continue to stay abreast of and adhere to any new guidance.

Once again, we’d like to express our thanks to everyone here at HMS, our partners, sub-contractors and suppliers who have, and continue to, work tirelessly to help keep our customers safe through what is an extremely challenging time for many.

Working together, we will once again continue in our mission of building, maintaining and repairing homes for the people of our communities’ to keep those who need us, safe throughout this unprecedented time.


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