Repairing a Family Home following a Fire

HMS undertakes over £700k worth of cleaning each year. The core cleaning team consists of highly training operatives, each responsible for an intense cleaning programme. However, events often unfold which take the team away from the routine.

One of LMH’s tenants, Mrs King, left her house one morning unknown that her day would be more eventful than first planned. Her son who had stayed at home was smoking in his bedroom. Once finished the cigarette, he stubbed it out into an ashtray and emptied the contents into a waste bin.

The ashes set alight to the other contents in the bin where there was also an aerosol can. It exploded and caused superficial burns. The fire quickly spread forcing the son to escape the property and call the fire brigade. The whole house became engulfed in the fire causing extensive damage in all the bedrooms upstairs, the landing, bathroom, stairs, lower level hallway and living room.

Following the fire, HMS was called to completely refurbish the fire damaged property as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to the customer.

Operatives set to work to restore the home with a new roof, full rewire, all new joinery works including stair cases, doors etc, fresh plastering throughout the property, new windows and doors, a new bathroom and a thorough cleanse to the property.

The job was completed in a timely manner and Mrs King was thrilled to return back to her home.

Mrs King said: “I can’t thank HMS enough, I would also like to say what a brilliant job all operatives have done. My home was a complete wreck with all the damage but now thanks to HMS, it is amazing.”

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