‘It will be like a whole new house’

Teresa had lived in her home in Walton for many years. Due to circumstances beyond her control, the property developed significant issues and was in desperate need of modernisation. Teresa’s husband Des had specific requirements and that’s when HMS stepped in to arrange a full programme of repair and home adaptation.

The level of works required meant HMS treated the project as a priority and the transformation began immediately. Teresa says, “From the start, everyone was great and really helpful. HMS was extremely patient even when Des became unwell”. Unfortunately Des unexpectedly passed away, but Teresa remained keen to get her home back on track.

Extensive repairs were carried out to the roof and a large shed was emptied and taken away, providing space in the garden again. All of the old fixtures and fittings were removed, along with the flooring and crumbling plaster. As a goodwill gesture, Teresa was also offered storage space for her furniture whilst works were underway.

Teresa’s bathroom and kitchen are currently being completely renovated and replaced; the dilapidated window frames have been removed and replaced with new double-glazed windows.

Teresa couldn’t be happier. She explains, “I’m so grateful to HMS and its very human approach. The team understood my circumstances and listened to what I needed.”

Earlier this week, Teresa met with the HMS team to choose her bathroom tiles and flooring, along with her brand-new kitchen. “I like light colours and want to keep it bright,” she said after making her selections.

“I’m really looking forward to moving back in - it’s exciting, it will be like a whole new house. We should have done it years ago, I just wish Des was here to share it with me.”