Deep Clean following Smoke Damage

HMS undertakes over £700k worth of cleaning each year. The core cleaning team consists of highly training operatives, each responsible for the cleaning of 660 estate blocks which are visited on a fortnightly cycle. There are 17 sheltered and supported schemes are also cleaned on a daily basis and an office cleaning service is also provided to a number of commercial offices.

In addition to the routine cleaning programme, further requests are often made following unexpected events. HMS were contacted to attend to a block of flats owned by Liverpool Mutual Homes after a fire took place in one of the properties.

Operatives promptly attended to clean both the flat and the communal space in the block after both areas had suffered quite badly from smoke damage.

The client requested that the team carry out a deep clean to the damaged areas and remove the staining to the block. Two operatives attended the site for approximately four hours during which time they cleaned all affected windows, walls, ceilings and floors, front doors and stairs within the communal area.

The LMH Senior Maintenance Manager attended site prior to the work commencing and when the job was complete and said: “We’re delighted with both the response time from HMS and also the quality of the work provided. You wouldn`t know there had been a fire in the block at all.”

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